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Who We Are

Inspired by civil rights leaders of the past, such as John Lewis and Martin Luther King, Charles Wiley, a Councilman of North Brentwood, saw an opportunity to follow their footsteps in the wake of unprecedented racial, political and social unrest during the pandemic. In tribute to his daughter, Wiley reached out to dozens of elected officials, business owners, community leaders, and citizens to organize a walk for justice on August 28th, 2020 that united all municipalities along the Route 1 corridor.

The walk was such a success, it birthed a new movement: Pathways to Unity, whose goal is to unify as many municipalities as possible, in an effort to share and consolidate resources that will be used to resolve ongoing issues within all communities. These issues include, but are not limited to, mental health awareness, police reform, and affordable housing for moderate to low income residents.

Although the founder and majority of members are denizens of the Route 1 corridor, Pathways is working to grow beyond municipal, county, and state boundaries until it becomes a national presence working to cause—in the words of John Lewis—“good trouble” wherever it’s needed.

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Core Executive Team


Charles Wiley


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Allison Lince Bentley

Founding Advisor

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Initiative Working Group Leaders


Danny Schaible

Mental Health Group Lead

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New Group Lead

Would you like to contribute to a current or lead and start a new working group?

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Marketing & Communications Team


LaShaune Littlejohn

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Evan Dame

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Lauren Rauk

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Community Partners


Neuro Blooms

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Phoenix Star Creative

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Red Dirt Studio


Tilden House Studio

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