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Corner kick is what? How to predict corner kick 100% winning

What is a corner kick in soccer? Thabet reveals the most common secret to accurately predict corner kicks with 100% accuracy. Don't pay attention to the content of wintips following articles, what are you waiting for?

What is a corner kick?

Also known as Corner Bet or Corner, this is the newest form of online betting in the field of online football betting today. For this type of betting, players do not need to care about which team wins or loses and the number of goals scored/conceded in the match. What you need to pay attention to is the number of corner kicks by both teams in the match you are betting on. Or other factors related to corner kicks, such as the first and last corner kicks performed by the team.

Depending on the nature of the matches, as well as the characteristics of each team, the tournament that the bookmaker use as a basis to offer corner kick betting options. In addition, the odds will correspond to each type of bet. Corner kick odds usually vary at each bookmaker.

Why bet on corner kicks?

Although it is not the main type of bet of the bookmakers. But this is a new form of online football betting that can bring a lot of luck to you

The betting process is also very simple. You can quickly learn the rules and participate in betting or place bets immediately.

There is no problem with the outcome of the game or the score.

There are many different forms of betting on football matches for players to choose from.

The winning odds are usually higher than other forms of football betting.

You can also participate in betting on this market at different times during the game. The odds can range from 1 to 100.

Feel free to use your money to bet on various odds.

Some basic rules to know

According to the rules, matches in the past always have head-to-head records. This will be the answer at present and in the future.

Of course, this is just a reference level. An experience shows that if the team is of high class, the play is very professional.

But the lower the ranking of the bookmaker, the easier it is to repeat the corner kicks in the past.

It also stems from the reality of the match, statistics companies, English football analysis. Especially pay attention to the 3 calculation methods to determine the appearance of the corner kick:

1-4: Every match <10.5 corner kicks = 48%, the first corner kick occurs before the 8th minute.

5-17: average = 10.6-11.5 corner kicks = 53%, the first corner kick is performed before the 8th minute.

18-20: > 11.5 corner kicks = 56%, the first corner kick comes before or at the 8th minute.

Common corner kick betting types today

Below, Thabet sports will list some of the most popular football corner kick bets today. Please pay attention and sympathize.

Handicap odds of the whole game

Over/Under Total Corner Kicks, also known as Over/Under or Total corner kicks in two directions, is a bet based on the result of corner kicks throughout the match.

Similar to other big/small bets in football, O/U corner kick players must bet based on the odds that the bookmaker sets for each match.

In the Over corner, Under is the side with fewer corner kicks, and Over is the side with more corner kicks than the odds of the bookmaker.

In addition to the full game over/under bet, some bookmakers also offer odds for half 1 (first-half corner kicks) and half 2 (second-half corner kicks).

Read more: What are bookmaker meaning? How do they operate?

Almost everyone fits

Bookmakers also offer corner kick handicap odds throughout the match at different prices. It depends on the nature of the match, the tournament, and the characteristics of each team. With this type of bet, players only need to choose the handicap team or the handicap team. The result of the bet depends on the number of corner kicks and the handicap odds in the entire match to determine the result.

1 × 2. Corner frame

There are only 3 betting options for this type of bet: win, draw, and lose. The odds of each bookmaker are different. According to the comments of all experts and players, this betting method is also similar to Asian handicap betting.

Even-Odd corner kick

In this type of bet, players only need to guess whether the number of corner kicks is even or odd. At the end of the game, the result of the player's bet depends on whether the total number of corner kicks in the entire game is even or odd.

First corner kick bet

For the first corner kick, players must accurately predict which team will take the first corner kick. If guessed correctly, you will be the winning bettor and receive a bonus.

Last corner kick bet

This type of bet is also called the last corner kick. Players betting on this handicap can only win if they correctly guess which team will take the last corner kick of the game.

Next corner kick

The market at the next corner kick is also called the next corner kick. When betting like this, players need to follow the match. And predict which team will take the next corner kick and place a bet.

To accurately grasp this betting level, players must follow the match developments to make accurate predictions.

No corner market

To attract players to bet, Thabet also offers odds of no corner kicks in the match. This type of bet usually has a very high payout ratio.

However, this is also the best type of bet to win. Matches without corner kicks are very rare.

Therefore, players should carefully consider before entering this very insecure gate.

Thabet reveals the secret to 100% winning corner kick betting

To place accurate bets, experience and secrets have a very large impact. Here are the corner kick betting secrets from Thabet's experienced experts and players.

Accurately follow the characteristics of each team

You need to analyze and understand the strengths of each team in detail.

Analyze details about playing style, tactics, style, attacking and defensive quality, and other information.

Stronger teams also usually get more corner kicks.

Learn more about the team

Teams needing to score to reach a certain milestone often commit fouls. The corner kick ratio of this team will also be higher.

Teams with strong, fast play usually get more corner kicks.

European football tends to be more offensive than Asian football.

Choose the right time to enter the corner kick

Thabet's advice for you is to choose the time to play corner kick betting.

Betting in the first few minutes of the match is often the most effective. At this time, the players' physical strength is still full and the form is stable.

The first corner kick usually belongs to the stronger team. The last corner kick usually belongs to the team that needs more goals.


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