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All you need to know about penalty shootouts in football

Penalty shootouts, with their nerve-wracking and dramatic nature, always hold a strong appeal to betting enthusiasts. However, do you know what penalty shootouts in football entail? Have you grasped the most accurate prediction methods for penalty shootouts? If not, let's delve into the details football tips vip together with Wintips in the following article.

What is a penalty shootout in football?

In matches where direct elimination is at stake, if both teams remain level after the conclusion of two regular halves and extra time, a penalty shootout will determine the winner.

In football, a penalty shootout involves representatives from each team taking penalty kicks alternately according to a predetermined list. Typically, the shootout decides the outcome of the match after each team has taken five penalties.

However, if the scores are still tied after these initial five kicks, the shootout continues, with each subsequent kick counted separately. The match concludes once one team has a lead of one goal after the same number of kicks as their opponent.

To meet the betting demands of many enthusiasts, bookmakers offer odds for penalty shootouts alongside the match. Players betting on this type of outcome receive results immediately after the shootout concludes. If your prediction is correct and you win, you'll receive a corresponding payout based on the betting odds. Conversely, if you lose the bet, you forfeit the entire amount wagered.

Depending on individual preferences and the bookmaker you choose, various types of bets with different rules are available. These may include betting on the number of successful saves by goalkeepers, betting on shots hitting the goal frame, betting on shots touching the goal frame, betting on the ultimate winning team, and more.

Therefore, before engaging in any penalty shootout betting, make sure to read and adhere closely to the requirements set by reputable bookmakers.

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Types of popular penalty shootout football bets you need to know

As mentioned above, there are many different types of penalty shootout bets in football, each with its own rules and ways of playing. In order to help players choose the appropriate type of bet and win with that type of bet, below, Wintips will introduce to you the most popular penalty shootout betting types today:

Overall winner/loser team bet

The odds of betting on the overall winner/loser team are the most basic and easiest to play in the various penalty shootout bets. With this type of bet, you only need to study and bet on which team you predict will win. Note that these odds are only calculated when the penalty shootout series is completely over and the results of winning and losing are clearly determined.

Betting on the final score of the match

This is a relatively difficult type of bet with a relatively low winning rate. But in return, when you win, you will receive a huge bonus, so it is still chosen by many players. To participate in this penalty shootout bet, players need to be experienced in accurately predicting football odds. You need to understand the abilities of the players participating in penalty kicks as well as the abilities of both goalkeepers. Only then will your predictions and decisions have a high level of accuracy.

Betting on successful penalty shootout rounds

This type of bet is a quite special odd bet, meaning you can bet money on each shot of each team. If the penalty kick you bet on is successful, you will win the bet. Conversely, if the shot is not successful, you will lose money to the bookmaker.

Over/Under odds for the total number of successful penalty shootout kicks

The over/under odds for the total number of penalty shootout goals are similar to over/under bets in the match. Accordingly, the bookmaker will predict the total number of successful penalty kicks from both teams' penalty shootout rounds. The player's task will be to place bets on one of two betting options:

Place the Over bet if you predict that the total number of goals scored will be higher than the odds set by the bookmaker.

Place the Under bet if you predict that the total number of goals scored will be lower than the odds set by the bookmaker.

Total penalty shootout kicks Over/Under bet

Similar to the way over/under odds for penalty shootout goals are played. However, in this type of bet, you will need to predict the total number of penalty kicks taken by both teams.

You should know football tips site that not every match has 10 penalty shootout rounds. There are many matches that have to extend to 15-16 rounds before the two teams can determine the winner. So the total penalty shootout kicks over/under bet is also often chosen by players to place bets.

With this article, Wintips has shared all the information about penalty shootout bets in football. Hopefully, this knowledge has helped you understand more about betting and gain more experience in picking accurate bets. Wish you good luck!


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